What can an immigration lawyer do for you?

immigration lawyer

It’s a fair question to ask: What does an immigration lawyer do for me that I can’t do myself?

Immigration law is complicated. It has always been complicated and it always will be complicated. Any type of law, actually, is complicated. So while you are welcome to go it alone when it comes to practicing law, it is not recommended. You are also free to take out your own teeth. No one will stop you. It’s a free country. Now, is it wise to do those things? Well, of course not. How is practicing law when you are not a lawyer any different?

Immigration lawyers provide a service: we trade our time to work on your case for a fee. Most clients come to see an immigration lawyer because they have (obviously) an immigration problem. We try to do everything we can within the limits of the law to solve that problem.

There is a lot to wrap your head around: statutes (laws written in books), case law (opinions by judges that interpret the statutes), administrative directives (rules issued by federal agencies such as Homeland Security), and so forth. Immigration lawyers understand all this and how it applies to your case.

Keep this in mind when hiring an immigration lawyer: If you want it done right, and you do not want to risk doing it yourself, then pay an immigration lawyer for his or her time to work on your case.