Challenges in Counseling Immigrant Clients

Counseling Immigrant Clients

Engaging in the counseling of immigrants present many challenges. One of the biggest issues is the constant client’s anxiety that tends to lead to the lack of trust and dilatation of the attorney’s effort.

Numerous times a client undermines the best efforts and experience of their lawyers. While information is a powerful tool and a good lawyer should always be open to explaining the particular process or procedures available, attacking the process at all stages with the constant questioning based on the client’s online research vis-à-vis untrusted sites is contra productive in many cases

It is fundamental for the lawyer to create a professional relation with the client with the clear understanding that the two are a team working for the same goal, that from the outset, when a counselor forms an alliance with his or her clients, the goals and objective are now common. However, it is also important for the client to trust the professional they retained. The questioning and mistrust should be reserved for the hiring process and not to be applied after the relationship has been formed.

Although the client’s mistrust is not unjustified in an immigration system that is frustrating and ineffective, the real issue arises from the intercultural adaptation. Migration experience and adjustment challenge the core of the majority of immigrants. This is true especially in those cases where the foreign national is leaving a country plagued with corruption, lack of values, autocracy or disjointed bureaucracy.