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E-Book Draft: Be Wary of Fake Immigration Lawyers

Fake Immigration Lawyers

Be wary of hiring someone who is not a lawyer but pretends to be. In fact, don’t do it at all. These fake lawyers often call themselves “notaries (notarios),” or “legal consultants,” or “legal advisors.” For purposes of this book, let’s just call them for what they are: Fraudsters.

These fraudsters will gladly charge you a fee to (i) file papers, (ii) review your file, or even worse (iii) “get you a green card.”

Don’t believe any of it. These fraudsters never went to law school; never passed a bar exam (or even studied for one), and never bothered to learn all the many nuances of the law. Yet they will gladly take your money. They have no idea what they are doing.

A fake lawyer will hurt your case. Sometimes a real lawyer can fix it. Other times he or she cannot. The damage can be long-term: A problem that you thought was solved today actually was not … but you won’t know about it for several years.

The misbelief is that these fraudsters can do the same thing as a lawyer but for a lesser price. Or, another misbelief that we hear a lot: “they helped my friend so I thought they could help me.” Both are false.

Lawyers are regulated by rules set forth by the local state bar. Real lawyers are obligated to follow these guidelines and deliver professional services to their clients. Fake lawyers are not under any such regulation

The lesson here is to always make sure the person you are hiring for your immigration case is a real lawyer, and not a fake one. If you are not sure, ask this question: “May I see your bar card?” Real lawyers will always have a bar card. If you don’t see it, walk out.

Always make sure you are hiring a professional Atlanta immigration lawyer when considering immigration issues.