Supreme Court upholds Obamacare!

Posted on 09 feb 2017 by Admin     05

This month the Supreme Court will finally decide on whether Obamacare is constitutional. There has been a lot – and I mean A LOT – of debate in the media about what this law means for America, and whether it is going away. But very little of the debate has had anything to do with what the law is about (the commerce clause) and what the Supremes have decided before on that issue (its precedent).

Everyone has his or her own thoughts on the topic, including me. So before the actual decision is announced, I wanted to put my thoughts down on paper. So here goes:

The Affordable Healthcare Act will be up-held 5 to 3 with Scalia, Alito, and Thomas dissenting (Justice Kagan recused herself).

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Challenges in Counseling Immigrant Clients

Posted on 07 jan 2017 by Admin     04

Engaging in the counseling of immigrants present many challenges. One of the biggest issues is the constant client’s anxiety that tends to lead to the lack of trust and dilatation of the attorney’s effort.

Numerous times a client undermines the best efforts and experience of their lawyers. While information is a powerful tool and a good lawyer should always be open to explaining the particular process or procedures available, attacking the process at all stages with the constant questioning based on the client’s online research vis-à-vis untrusted sites is contra productive in many cases.

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What I don’t want to see: Supremes kill health care just because

Posted on 25 nov 2016 by Admin     03

Ever hears someone else’s idea and instantly think “that’s stupid” or “that’s genius.” And then after saying “that’s stupid/genius,” you begin to put together your argument as to WHY it is stupid or genius? Most everyone makes snap decisions about life’s topics, later putting in the reasoning to justify the decision. I sure hope that doesn’t happen at the Supreme Court.

Last month the United States Supreme Court heard arguments regarding the Obama Administration’s health care reform act. The law, which gives millions of Americans affordable health care, was challenged on the basis that, among other things, the requirement that all Americans purchase health care or face a penalty, was unconstitutional.

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What can an immigration lawyer do for you?

Posted on 14 sep 2016 by Admin     02

It’s a fair question to ask: What does an immigration lawyer do for me that I can’t do myself?

Immigration law is complicated. It has always been complicated and it always will be complicated. Any type of law, actually, is complicated. So while you are welcome to go it alone when it comes to practicing law, it is not recommended. You are also free to take out your own teeth. No one will stop you. It’s a free country. Now, is it wise to do those things? Well, of course not. How is practicing law when you are not a lawyer any different?

Immigration lawyers provide a service: we trade our time to work on your case for a fee. Most clients come to see an immigration lawyer because they have (obviously) an immigration problem. We try to do everything we can within the limits of the law to solve that problem.

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Be Wary of Fake Immigration Lawyers

Posted on 4 jun 2016 by Admin     01

Be wary of hiring someone who is not a lawyer but pretends to be. In fact, don’t do it at all. These fake lawyers often call themselves “notaries (notarios),” or “legal consultants,” or “legal advisors.” For purposes of this book, let’s just call them for what they are: Fraudsters.

These fraudsters will gladly charge you a fee to (i) file papers, (ii) review your file, or even worse (iii) “get you a green card.”

Don’t believe any of it. These fraudsters never went to law school; never passed a bar exam (or even studied for one), and never bothered to learn all the many nuances of the law. Yet they will gladly take your money. They have no idea what they are doing.

A fake lawyer will hurt your case. Sometimes a real lawyer can fix it. Other times he or she cannot. The damage can be long-term: A problem that you thought was solved today actually was not … but you won’t know about it for several years.

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